FPV Summit + Plasti-Dip

Today I started the process of converting the Summit to a full recon rig. I coated the body with Black Plasti-Dip. This stuff dries flat (no glare) and is very durable. If you don’t like it, simply peel it off. So today the bead locks got the treatment as did the body. Next step will be the cantilever / toe / tie rods, wheels and chassis. The idea is to make the truck disappear in the dark. The flat nature of the Plasti-Dip also has almost no glare from IR lights. All the electronics were reinstalled as they were before.

I also received some new batteries to try from Speed Monkey RC in Irving, Tx. The batteries are Reedy Wolfpack 25c 6600mah 2s. With these batteries I can FPV for almost an hour no problem. So thanks to Speed Monkey RC for the good deal. http://www.speedmonkeyrc.com/


Tonight during soccer practice I decided to drive into the stadium and do a lap around the track just for kicks. Watch in HD.


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